Learning Spanish in La Rioja
Learning Spanish has never been more fun

Spanish is one of the most common and learned foreign languages in the UK and Ireland, with a recent report showing that 62% of UK nationals do not speak any other language, apart from English.

We have been doing the opposite and have been teaching English to the Spaniards for over ten years, a timespan that has allowed us to develop an individual method based on learning, practise and play. We use visual cues and phonetics and carefully build a vocabulary around the structures being learned.

Sitting in a dull classroom, while ploughing through pages of static text, is not how things are done here. Only a minimal amount of class time is actually spent in the classroom, learning the basic structures and vocabulary. Then it’s out into the world of real Spanish life, with real Spanish people, doing real Spanish things – where you practise what you have learned and at the same time develop an eagerness to learn more.

We are situated in a small, sleepy provincial village among the vineyards of La Rioja, by the feet of the Cantabrian mountains to the north and only 12-minutes’ drive to Logroño, the provincial capital, a haven of bars, restaurants and theatres.

Tastefully refurbished with a well-lit and ambient view of the oldtown, each classroom has its own interactive SMARTboard and internet connection and room for a maximum of eight students. The academy is less than a minute’s walk from the main plaza, where a panoply of small, well-maintained bars and restaurants offer tapas and tinto under the shade of parasols or the canopy of the lime trees.




  Fuenmayor - La Rioja - A well hidden jewel

A quaint, well maintained provincial village situated approximately 12 km west of the provincial capital. The 16th church, Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María dominates the main plaza, Felix Azpilicueta.